Santa Barbara Showgrounds Covered Arenas

This project is the spearhead of revitalization of the Santa Barbara County Showgrounds.  Two competition horse arenas with a central practice arena will all be covered for rain in winter and provide shade during summer months.

Aerial rendering web.jpg

Local connections are provided by the large sandstone walls with glu-lam beams which signify the entrances.  The landscaping makes use of palms, which continue the local connection and balance the scale of the large structure.  Counterpoints like the steel moment frames and a corrugated Galvalume roof add a touch of rural industrial feeling, and structurally make the large open areas possible.

A living sound wall is placed at the roadside end of the arenas to provide a sound buffer, and natural daylighting is introduced to the center of the arenas, providing proper conditions for competitions.  Judging booths and viewing grandstands will also enhance the arenas.

Fire 3D6.jpg

During times of emergency, the arenas will be capable of housing fire engines and tents for firefighters, providing a shaded base camp located close to the wild land interface.