Historic Renovation - Stow House

Repair and upgrades to historic structures involves a high degree of involvement and attention to detail.  Structural, aesthetic, functional, and historic criteria must all be addressed.  Often there are building components that must be repaired or replaced which are no longer available.  This requires knowledge and creativity to solve using modern materials and methods.  In some situations, historic remnant materials need to be tracked down, such as period glass for windows, to maintain historic correctness.


This particular renovation involved roof assembly replacement, window repair, re-finishing the entire exterior, and structural restoration of sagging porches.  Care was taken to raise sagging floors without damaging overhead elements that rest on the sagging floor.  Interesting situations arose, such as finding hundreds of acorns stashed by birds inside a window sash.  

Renovation of elements like that window requires collaboration with tradesmen during the restoration and flexibility in defining solutions.

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The Stow House was constructed in 1873 by the Stow family, early settlers of the Goleta Valley.  It is a hands-on public museum showing what life was like in the past.  It also is a venue for weddings and gathering place for large community events such as festivals and concerts.  

With one foot in the past and one very much in the present, maintenance and re-construction was required be completed with little downtime and disruption.

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